Creating Advertising Light Basic Premium Campaign

10 EUR | month
  • Min. Period - 6 month
  • Total Price - 60 EUR
  • Direct Sale Account
  • 100% W3C Coding
  • 3 Language Adv

  Adv campaign goals

Discover a new format of adv promotion. Creating an advertising campaign with the creation of microsite webpage is a quality alternative to the website or an effective promotion for website owners who are looking for further promotion in the region or abroad using alternative language versions.
Based on the data provided, a microsite for your adv campaign will be created by a renowned studio with regard to W3C and SEO.

8 EUR | month
  • Min. Period - 1 year
  • Total Price - 96 EUR
  • Direct Sale Account
  • 100% W3C Coding
  • 3 Language Adv

  Campaign effectiveness

The effectiveness of the advertising campaign on ENTAXY.BIZ is based on technical SEO optimization of content in symbiosis with backlinks to the target source (for example, your website).
It is important to note the growing traffic of the portal, its focus on business and inbound marketing, when you do not force advertising, but people themselves will find what they are looking for. Have a question? Drop us a line.

6 EUR | month
  • Min. Period - 2 year
  • Total Price - 144 EUR
  • Own Business Account
  • 100% W3C Coding
  • 3 Language Adv

  Own Business Account

Creating a Business account in a Premium Advertising Campaign is essentially your company's microsite in «advertisers» category, with links, contacts, active offers, and their geolocations will be located.
If you are looking to improve your website rank, or if you don't have a webpage, if you want to position your services among the prestigious brands, the Premium ad campaign plan is the perfect long-term solution with savings costs.